Group purchases on the Internet, I start?

Since the beginning of the 2010s, group purchases on the Internet are on the rise! The principle is simple: sites specializing in group buying offer consumers to group together to consume less. By selling these products or services to a minimum number of Internet users, the merchant accepts a very interesting discount, sometimes up to 90%!

Personalize your smartphone settings

A mobile phone is a companion of everyday life. Taking the time to adjust your settings to how we use it can make handling much more enjoyable. Here are three tips to know. Set the notifications. We often appreciate being informed of the arrival of an SMS, but we do not necessarily want to receive an alert every time we receive an email.

Do you know the hairy bars?

Do not worry, we are not talking about a tavern where you can order a lemon tea in the simplest device but a trend that is trying to take over here after conquering Japan: animal bars. Urban dwellers, most of whom live in very small dwellings, have few domestic companions.

Smiles in our messages

These little colorful pictograms, called smileys when it comes to faces that translate a mood or emoticons for any object, animal, action ... are no longer the prerogative of our teen SMS! They never stop to invade our daily lives. Last emoji-madness to date: a hotel in Manhattan offers room service in the form of emoticons, according to the site Mashable.

The big shot of brilliance of the heels

The winter shoe will shine or will not be! Place the ornaments of crystals, sequins and other brilliant stones (it depends on the budget), to dress the heel, the thong ... or more if affinities. View of the catwalks, the trend of glittering shoes arrives this winter in all our favorite shops.

Getting married ... just for the photo

Why convoler in 2016? To organize a beautiful party, pay less taxes or solemnly commit ... Well more only. In recent days, the famous Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani gives us an additional reason to unite us. He invites us for pleasure and (a little) for glory, to come and say yes to his goal!